CBRE Project Management recently gave a presentation on changes to California Building Standards Code aka “Title 24” that will take effect on January 1st, 2014. The new requirements are aimed to “reduce energy bills, increase energy delivery and reliability, and improve economic conditions for the State of California” (Hah!). Any projects that apply for permit on or after January 1st 2014 will be subject to the new standards. While the change will affect many more aspects of Title 24, major areas of change are as follows:

pl471605-commercial_22w_led_tube_light_fixtures_t8_3528_fluorescent_lamp_lifespan_50_000_hoursLighting: Upgrade to T-24 lights, yielding 15% on average energy efficiency. A higher T-Value indicates greater energy efficiency.

Office-Park-Lobby-with-Glass-WindowsBuilding envelope: Higher R values (indicates greater temperature flow resistance) will be required in 1) Walls: R-13 to R-15, 2) Raised flooring: R-13 to R-19, 3) Ceiling/Roof: R-19 to R-30.

Prescriptive U factor requirements for windows, glass doors, skylights will become up to 30% more stringent.

Insulated-ductingNew HVAC standards are 9% more efficient through the following: 1) Duct testing, 2) Refrigerant Charge measurement, 3) Cooling coil airflow rule, 4) Watt & Draw rules, 5) Ban on Bypass.

You can go to as a launching point to find out more about what’s coming up next year.

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