Our Story

Tenant Guardian was founded in 2013 by John Sabourin.  In 1989 John entered the commercial real estate business representing commercial office tenants in the Los Angeles area.   As he negotiated leases for clients, he immediately noticed the many different profit centers that landlords inserted into their leases, mostly through egregious operating expense language.  At that time a well known landlord in Los Angeles passed through a huge capital improvement to its entire tenant base in one calendar year.  Some tenants were devastated.  From that point on John made it his mission to protect clients from run away occupancy costs.

As John’s clients grew he had the opportunity to utilize his process in other locations across the United States and beyond.  He joined SIOR to form a network of brokers across the nation to obtain access to the best market information in different locales.  Before starting Tenant Guardian John was a Principal at Lee & Associates, and a Senior Broker with Colliers, Studley  and CBRE.