Going Boutique

TG-FB_Profile_PicWhen your clients keep asking why you don’t start your own real estate business, you start to wonder…   After a while you have to listen to what they are saying.  So, after many months of thought and self torture, I decided to open my own business.  And why not call it Tenant Guardian!

The name of my blog was basically an expression of what I do every day for my clients,  I guard their interests.  I can’t think of a better name for my company because my focus is protecting clients from real estate cost exposure, from rent and tenant improvement costs to operating expenses and tax pass throughs.

I want to thank all of the management and professionals at CBRE for providing a great work environment for the many years I worked there.  I also want to thank the folks at some of the other firms I worked for over the years, including Studley, Colliers, Lee & Associates and Faulkner Company.  It is these fine firms and associates that I  worked with that helped me become business person that I am, for better or worse!  Seriously, thanks for all the good times, life lessons and professional experience.

I also want to express deep gratitude to all of my clients, family and friends.  Thank you for the encouragement and the the friendship that has given me the courage to start Tenant Guardian.

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