Operating Expense Review

By this is the time of year you have probably received your annual reconciliation statement of real estate tax and operating expenses from your landlord.  If your Landlord is on a fiscal year, like The Irvine Company, you may receive it at a different time.  This statement will calculate your pro rata share of actual building expenses as compared to the estimated payments made throughout the course of the past year, and modify how much you must pay each month. 

These real estate tax and operating expense reconciliations are frequently incorrect and the errors are rarely in your favor.  Consequently, after spending considerable time and effort to negotiate your lease, it is critically important to monitor the implementation of the lease terms going forward. 

Most leases only allow a short window in which to dispute incorrect charges in these statements.  Tenant Guardian would like to offer you the opportunity to have your reconciliation statement reviewed by our experts – without cost or obligation – in order to ensure their accuracy and verify that you are not being overcharged. 

Please call or e-mail us to set up a review.