Why Do I Need A Broker?


Would you ask the attorney suing you on behalf of another party to represent your interests as well?  Of course you wouldn’t.  So why would you let the broker representing your landlord, or even another landlord, represent you? Listing brokers have loyalties and fiduciary obligations to their Landlord clients. Don’t fall into the trap of being inadequately represented.


Real Estate is the second largest expense for many businesses. Tenant Guardian manages the entire transaction process for our clients. Our expertise in all phases of the transaction process minimizes disruption to your regular business operations, helping you stay focused on what matters most, your business.


We are the face of negotiation, creating a buffer between you and the Landlord. A quarter century of experience negotiating leases gives us insight and instinct. We know how to find the bottom line quickly and effectively, leaving your company with a great deal and a great relationship with your landlord.


Landlords have many profit centers buried throughout each lease. We structure leases to eliminate liabilities the landlord is trying to pass on you. Our negotiating method will save you time and money, and our fee will be paid by your landlord.

  • What are the cost implications of renewing versus relocating?
  • Can I save money now by restructuring my lease early?
  • Is our current address convenient for our employees, clients and vendors?
  • Are there other buildings available that would provide a better solution?
  • Does our lease have the flexibility needed for our business’s future
           growth or contraction?
  • Does my current broker have a conflict of interest?
  • Is our current rent competitive or in line with today’s market?
  • Will it cost me anything to hire a broker?
  • Is our landlord overbilling us for operating expenses?
  • When will my Landlord’s loan mature? Why should I know this?



Landlords are keenly aware

Landlords are keenly aware of which tenants are in the market looking for space, the availability of space in competing properties, and the pricing of competitive transactions. Tenant Guardian can help you level the playing field.

Benefitting the tenant every time

Landlords negotiate leases every day. In contrast, a typical tenant negotiates an office lease once every three to five years. Tenant Guardian negotiates leases every day, benefitting the tenant every time.

Improvement allowances and commissions

Landlords know exactly what their profitability is after factoring debt service, marketing costs, downtime, current demand, as well as transaction costs like free rent, tenant improvement allowances and commissions. Tenant Guardian calculates this in detailed financial analysis and uses this information to the tenants advantage.

Your tenancy is extremely important to any Landlord.

Effectively, tenants pay the landlord’s mortgage. Let us leverage that power for you.

Tenant Guardian will exercise a strategy

Landlords know exactly when your lease, and all of your neighbors’ leases expire. They will not remind you about it. Tenant Guardian will exercise a strategy prior to your lease renewal option notice date, and bring leverage to your side of the negotiating table.