Portfolio Optimization

What Are We Focused On

Tenant Guardian is focused on delivering bottom line savings by partnering with our clients on rigorous portfolio optimization and tenant representation strategies. We achieve this by leveraging national account experience with a four-step process that integrates consulting and brokerage services:

Strategic Portfolio Analysis

During this phase of our process we collect all lease data and develop a portfolio baseline comprised of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  With this information Tenant Guardian delivers a Web Based Lease Administration Portal, Critical Date Reports, and a Portfolio Dashboard.  Our clients benefit with an understanding of their current real estate metrics and a position from which to measure performance.

Opportunity Identification

We deliver a strategic implementation plan after identifying the most potent cost reduction opportunities using portfolio mapping and “Metro Plans.” Within our Metro Plans Tenant Guardian identifies the gap between contract rent and market rent during the remaining obligations.  This process allows our clients to align their strategic and real estate plans prior to plan implementation.


Utilizing labor analytics, employee mapping, landlord indifference analysis, and focused financial analysis, Tenant Guardian executes the real estate acquisition, disposition and co-location strategies. Our clients routinely benefit by reduced operating expenses and balance sheet improvement.


Nothing we do is considered a success until we measure our performance.  KPI’s such as Overall Occupancy Cost, Square Foot per Employee, and Cost per Square Foot are measured and reported upon each quarter.  Our reports give our clients the ability to set and pursue measurable goals, as well as observe and competitively position themselves within their industries.

After completing our process we expect to achieve 15% to 20% savings on overall occupancy costs for our clients.  We can measure our performance according to our clients needs and can modify our financial reporting to accommodate the most discriminating CFO’s.