Tenant Guardian is a boutique commercial real estate firm focused on tenant representation. We are committed to negotiating the best deals in the marketplace for our clients. Over 34 years of specialized experience in tenant representation ensures that our clients are protected. We regularly save our clients money by restructuring their current leases, recovering over billings by landlords or leveraging the market to maximize concessions.

Tenant Guardian’s core values have a lasting impact on the transactions we complete, the relationships we foster, and the strategies we pursue on behalf of clients. Our process is based on three principles: sound strategy, successful negotiation, and solid execution.

Our clients have worked with us not just locally, but also throughout the world—whether for individual locations or large portfolios. As a member of Exis, a global commercial real estate organization committed exclusively to representing tenants, we formalized our global platform to provide consistent service delivery worldwide. Our member firms possess a deep understanding of their markets with a strong track record of success and a shared commitment to providing conflict-free tenant representation.

With partners based in 35 cities across four continents, and growing, the organizational structure of Exis allows each member firm to maintain its independence and business agility while offering consistent quality of service internationally.

Our Core Values

As defined by our Clients

Knowledge and Expertise

“Your knowledge and expertise established a competitive environment with which to leverage our landlord…”  

Ethic, Integrity, Honesty and Attention to Detail

“Your work ethic, integrity, honesty, and attention to detail are second to none.”  

Strategic, Rigorous, and Tenacious

“Tenant Guardian’s experience, strategic process, and rigor with respect to details, and tenacity…gives us comfort that our deals are the best possible in the marketplace.”

Why Do I Need An Experienced Broker?
What landlords know That you may not know as well


Landlords are keenly aware of which tenants are in the market looking for space, the availability of space in competing properties, and the pricing of competitive transactions. Tenant Guardian can help you level the playing field.


Landlords know exactly what their profitability is after factoring debt service, marketing costs, downtime, current demand, as well as transaction costs like free rent, tenant improvement allowances and commissions. Tenant Guardian calculates this in detailed financial analysis and uses this information to the tenants advantage.


Landlords know exactly when your lease, and all of your neighbors’ leases, expire. They will not remind you about it. Tenant Guardian will exercise a strategy prior to your lease renewal option notice date, and bring leverage to your side of the negotiating table. You will be more likely to achieve better lease extension terms without exercising your renewal option.


Your tenancy is extremely important to any Landlord. Effectively, tenants pay the landlord’s mortgage. Let us leverage that power for you.


Landlords negotiate leases every day. In contrast, a typical tenant negotiates an office lease once every three to five years. Tenant Guardian negotiates leases every day, benefitting the tenant every time.


Real estate transactions can be very complicated. Important details are lost without precise budgeting, systematic negotiation, sophisticated analysis and detailed documentation


Our professionals have handled over 15,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate transactions from local firms to global corporations. From single office leases to large and complex built-to-suit corporate headquarters, we have the experience to deliver outstanding results


Negotiating low rental rates, abundant free rent and generous tenant improvements is just the tip of the iceberg. Our rigorous approach to negotiating leases addresses and solves for the hidden costs buried deep in most leases.

Successful Negotiation

“Leverage is one of the key ingredients to a successful real estate transaction. Our expertise in developing high quality alternative solutions creates the leverage necessary for successful negotiations.”

Community Involvement

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County is a non-profit organization serving our county’s most severely abused, abandoned and neglected children through the recruitment, training, and supervision of community volunteers who advocate for their best interests.

John Sabourin is a supporter of children’s charities and currently serves on the board of directors of CASA Orange County. 


  • The team that you assembled was top notch and the process you employed not only rendered a perfect solution, but also gave us great confidence that we were making the right decision.

    John Striff
    CFO, Sunkist Growers, Inc.
  • Your performance on the Entrada purchase was the best brokerage work I have ever witnessed. A job very well done.

    Charles L. Woltmann
    General Counsel, Sunkist Growers, Inc.
  • Your work ethic, integrity, honesty and attention to detail are second to none. As a result of your hard work and persistence you were able to successfully restructure our lease, saving us several million dollars over the remaining term of our lease.

    Dan Mallut
    General Counsel, Western General Insurance Company
  • Tenant Guardian’s experience and dedication to Wells Fargo’s interests results in outstanding transactions. Their strategic process, rigor with respect to details, and tenacity in negotiations makes my job easier and gives us comfort that our deals are the best possible in the marketplace.

    Judy Fishman
    Wells Fargo
  • Thank you for your aggressive representation of our interests in both LA and Orange County. Your full service process, analysis, lease negotiation and general attention to detail saved our firm time and money. Your knowledge and expertise established a competitive environment with which to leverage our landlord 18 months earlier than we could have otherwise hoped.

    Dan Crowley
    Managing Partner, Booth Mitchel & Strange
  • The Tenant Guardian’s entire team was instrumental in solving a large operational problem. His team mapped our growth plans and found space that would serve us well into the future. The Tenant Guardian got us a great deal and went well beyond in ensuring we had the right space.

    Jeff Dash
    President, Viking River Cruises
  • I was extremely pleased with your efforts on my behalf. I felt that you consistently kept my best interests as your first priority. I would recommend Tenant Guardian to anyone with commercial real estate needs.

    Jim Bravos
    Owner, International Golf
  • We interviewed all of the top firms and felt that John’s team was best equipped to represent Markel’s interests. They delivered by putting together an outstanding group of professionals that enabled Markel to make informed decisions quickly. Their detailed effort gave us the professional environment that Markel needed, with an excellent rent and concession package. I would recommend John to anyone needing tenant representation services.

    Bruce Kay
    Corporate Vice President, Markel Corporation
  • In this day and age of lowered service expectations, Tenant Guardian is a breath of fresh air. They believed in our mission and then put all of his resources in our court. From site selection to project management, they even sourced our legal team. The time they spent on our deal was unbelievable. They never looked at the size of our deal, they just looked out for our dream.

    Daniel Flores
    Bottega Louie
  • …Thank you once again for your very qualified representation and services on behalf of the Eastman Kodak Company. I would recommend you wholeheartedly to any corporation who is in the marketplace to relocate their offices. I hope both myself and the Eastman Kodak Company will be able to work with you again in the future with any of our commercial real estate requirements.

    Elizabeth Sanders
    Eastman Kodak Company
  • …the quality that I was especially impressed with was your negotiating prowess. We never expected to get such a good deal, and get equity in the building as well. The annual return on our investment has exceeded 20% since we invested and became tenants. Please know that you will be the first person we call when we need commercial real estate services in the future. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs help leasing office space…

    Charles Boldon
    President, International Parking Design, Inc.
  • After negotiating what I believed to be a fair market deal directly with the Landlord, I hesitantly agreed to allow John and his team to negotiate further on my behalf. After identifying several other viable spaces within the Warner Center, John and his team were able to negotiate with our existing Landlord for an additional four months of free rent as well as the Landlord building out our expansion space to suit our needs.

    Frank Ciszewski
    Richardson Electronics
  • I’ve worked with John Sabourin on two real estate transactions for my Company. John really knows how to drive a positive outcome to help insure the real estate lease makes sense and is a platform for growth. His contract experience is solid and he is a very good negotiator. John Sabourin truly is the “Tenant Guardian.

    Mike Cavanagh
    Key Code Media