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Sometimes I sit down to write a blog thinking that I will just wax poetic about real estate and inspire myself or somebody else to come up with a great idea on how to better transact real estate.  Then the hard part comes.  Ideas, time to write, finding some interesting pictures (got to have them…)...
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When your clients keep asking why you don’t start your own real estate business, you start to wonder…   After a while you have to listen to what they are saying.  So, after many months of thought and self torture, I decided to open my own business.  And why not call it Tenant Guardian! The...
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Are the anti FASB change voices loud enough for the government to hear? #TenantRepresentation #CoreNet #SIOR @CBRESoCal
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Many of our clients voice concern about waiving statutory rights in leases.  Gregg Pasternak is an attorney.  He specializes in the proper documentation of office and retail leases on behalf of our clients.  Below are his thoughts on the common waiver language in found in typical California leases: Statutory Waivers California leases typically contain language in a number of provisions...
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It seems like every real estate conference or association “state of the market” event that I attend these days has an overriding theme.  All of the money (Equity and Debt) is focused on Core Urban Environments.  I have even written about the dynamic myself in a recent blog entitled Capital and Workplace Strategies Collide.  Many...
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About Tenant Guardian

Tenant Guardian is a boutique commercial real estate firm focused on tenant representation. We are committed to negotiating the best deals in the marketplace for our clients. Over 30 years of specialized experience in tenant representation ensures that our clients are protected.

About Exis Global

Exis is a global commercial real estate organization committed exclusively to representing tenants and end users. Founded by 16 of the world’s most respected, independent brokerage firms, we do one thing every day: Save tenants money on their real estate.