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  1. John,

    Interesting take on where the Real Estate market may go. Urban renewal has been all the buzz for some time, and seems to move from city to city as the new trend. Phoenix did it years back, and then, as you hint at here, it seems that development eventually moved back out to the edges.

    We saw it with the Cardinals and Coyotes stadiums going to Glendale on the west side, as the prices, traffic, permitting etc in the downtown Phoenix and Tempe areas had risen and become increasingly complicated. The population growth had shifted from the central valley to the west side, so the decision was made to follow, knowing that it would be inconvenient for some farther east, but that the population growth in the chosen area would make up for that long term.

    Of course businesses followed these projects and created a new business center, closer to the homes and families of the people who work and spend their money there.

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