Click here to listen to Tenant Guardian’s Founder, John Sabourin talk with Ron Siegel on Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio. 

IMG_5287Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills, CA and John Sabourin of Newport Beach, CA discuss current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA on NBC Talk Radio.

Ron and John discuss: What you need to Know about Leasing Office Space; What is a “Class A” Building; Should you Hire your Own Broker to Negotiate Your Lease; Things Your are Spending Too Much Money on; Essential Retirement Tips; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; The SLT will Provide a Complementary Real Estate Action Plan (R.E.A.P.) Semi-Annually, and so much more.

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