BMI_Hall_DigitalMany companies thrive on collaboration. “Creative” space combined with technology enhances collaboration by creating spaces that encourage in-promptu exchanges within a structured office environment.  It typically looks cool too.  But the “coolness” has much less to do with the function of the space than the architecture and “branding” of the space.”

Live Nation Headquarters

Creative or traditional, today’s spaces are being “branded.”  A.J. Wilder, principl of Wolcott Architectural Interiors, has a design studio called “SKN Creative” that, among other things, designs and applies graphics in manner that are used to brand just about every surface in an office.  Many other commercial architects have developed similar product offerings because their clients know that marketing to the outside world is not enough anymore.  They must create a good vibe in the office connect their employees to the brand.  This concept is not just for “Creative Space,” but can be used to transform more traditional layouts as well.Grammy%27s_2ndFloor

In a recent meeting with one of my clients, A.J. presented some of the benefits of using branding in their upcoming corporate headquarters requirement:

  1. Low Cost –  The cost of designing and applying branding materials is very low for the effect that can be created.
  2. Applying Graphics can transform space without construction, saving time and money, and dare I say it… the environment.
  3. 1%20BMI_ReceptionClose_DigitalBranding can be easily changed.
  4. Branding can be used as privacy screens in conference rooms (kind of like the advertisements on bus windows, it is hard to see in but easy to see out).  This also saves money on traditional window treatments.
  5. Branding can be delivered in multiple formats throughout the space – BOLD in the lobby to subliminal in the conference room.

Grammy_Lounge_Print-1In addition to branding with graphics, wall displays and touch screens can be strategically placed throughout an environment to brand and target.  RF ID’s on visitor badges enable companies to deliver a custom message to each guest that comes into the office.  Mark Coxon of Horizon Display tells me that if a company has a customer profile on hand, the displays he installs can sense who is coming down the hallway and display products or services that will be interesting or useful to the individual based on the survey results.  Now that’s getting a little scary, and a little more expensive too.

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